Wordsworth’s daffodils

I wander, never lonely though, as a cloud o’er vales and hills, beside the lakes and beneath the trees. I wonder at the stars twinkling on the milky way and dream to be amongst them. From high up there I can look down, in search of that which generates in me a perennial feeling of joy and happiness, a wellness, a freedom.  And there suddenly on my blank canvass they appear – Wordsworth’s golden daffodils.

My most favourite poem from school!  Just the thought of it reveals a smile on my face, one that lingers indefinitely as I lose myself amongst these golden beauties.  I envy their freedom, their sway and as always feel an overpowering gratitude for them being a part of my dreams and in some odd little way, a part of my life!

For me, they represent everything that’s well, that’s good, a picture of health, beauty and a feeling of the warm sun as it touches the skin on my face. It’s a wholesome feeling of heartfulness and that’s where they stay embedded, in my heart and now at the start of my blog.

Join me on this journey as I explore and share my thoughts on anything and everything that’s got anything and everything to do with wellness, health and overall well being, basically the heart-mind-body connection. Subjects, moments that trigger my imagination and experiences that compel me to write. Kids are a weak point. They are after all, the tomorrow that we are going to wake up to.